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Kids Programme

Purpose of the Kids programme.

 The practice of children's Jiu Jitsu goes far beyond the achievements of the mat. The discipline and excellence demanded by our instructors often reflects positively on your child's behaviour at home and at school.

Benefits of jiu jitsu for kids.

The physical, mental and social benefits are many, but include:

  • Increased muscle control

  • Reflex improvement

  • Physical conditioning

  • Strengthening both physical and mental character

  • Develop student-specific skills and abilities

  • The ability to risk assess group pressure

  • Development of reasoning

  • Improved mental balance

  • A transformation of discipline

  • Stimulates interest in healthy competition

  • Reinforcement of character and morals

  • Strengthening of self-confidence

  • Building respect for partners

  • Instilling a sense of discipline and respect for BJJ.

  • Treat others with respect and humility

  • Promotes anti-bullying.

  • Teaches positive social values such as respect, honesty, humility and dignity.

Children Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practice.

 Your child will learn, through committed practice, to compete with honesty, to be humble, to recognize their mistakes and successes; to fall, rise and start again and to enjoy the friendships of colleagues. As a contact sport, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu offers a challenging and safe environment that allows your child to mature to become a life champion

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